We believe capital and services when delivered together, make impact

Lafayette Square seeks to make positive social and economic impact in underserved communities. Our goal is to improve job quality, increase benefits adoption, improve financial wellbeing, and boost employee retention across all of our portfolio companies and partners.

We envision a world of economic opportunity, where all people and communities can participate. By increasing access to economic opportunity, we can create a strong workforce and a more inclusive American economy.

We believe improving the lives of the employees, particularly low-to-moderate income workers, will strengthen the companies they work for and help middle-market businesses grow.

Capital with Services

Alongside our capital, we offer impactful services from a network of third-party providers designed to uplift our portfolio companies by improving employee well-being, productivity, and workforce retention.

These services are in the form of new or enhanced employer-sponsored benefits curated to meet the specific needs of the borrower, their employees, and the community or region at hand.

By improving the job quality and lives of their employees, we believe companies can profit from a more engaged and productive workforce.

Our Services

Our service providers offer solutions for employees focused on three broad categories:

  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Education and Training
  • Health

Financial Wellbeing

Education and Training


Mental wellness education
Zero-percent small-dollar loans
A Pathway to credit building for renters
Financial coaching
Student loan repayment and tuition assistance programs
Support for working parents to improve outcomes for K-12 students
One-on-one resource navigation support
A pathway to homeownership for essential workers
Solutions to improve healthcare access and outcomes

The Lafayette 2-2-2 Pledge

Lafayette Square pledges to contribute 2% of founding stock, 2% of annual profits, and 2% of employee time to charitable causes.

Our board is comprised of leaders across the industry dedicated to making the Lafayette Square vision, a reality.

Our Board