Our mission is to be the leading provider of impact-driven capital, financing disadvantaged communities, entrepreneurs, and diverse investment talent.

For households earning 30% to 185% of area median income AMI, there is a dearth of long-term, sustainable housing options. Covid-19 has only exacerbated the issue and negatively impacted both prospective and current tenants.

Lafayette Square seeks to use capital from long-term vehicles to develop and preserve housing units and provide the community with impactful services that improve the lives of its residents.

Non-sponsored small businesses lack options for non-dilutive capital, thus hampering their ability to grow and create jobs for their local community.

Lafayette Square seeks to build a credit platform that will operate up and down the EBITDA scale to support businesses throughout their lifecycle. Origination and deployment efforts will be focused on founder and management teams.

Women and diverse populations are underrepresented in the financial system, contributing to the inequitable deployment of capital to small businesses around the US.

Lafayette Square seeks to seed investments in diverse GPs and provide them with “scale accelerants”, including fundraising, back-office & operation support, and strategic mentorship.


At Lafayette Square, we are more than just seasoned investors. We’re family members and community partners.