Real Estate

Lafayette Square’s real estate division aims to utilize long-term capital and a network of national service providers to drive community impact and support inclusive real estate developments that uplift the communities in which they exist.

What We Do

Lafayette Square intends to provide capital to real estate projects that foster broader economic and social mobility. Our work will seek to support the creation and preservation of affordable housing, municipally significant redevelopments, and the revitalization of neighborhoods. Alongside capital, we will work with a range of providers and local resources to deliver impactful services that build wealth in communities and connect residents to opportunities.

On People and Place

Beyond financial returns, our focus is on people and place - we aim to provide financing to real estate projects and services to the people that live in the communities where those projects are situated.

It is the combination of capital and services that create measurable, positive impact in local communities and real outcomes for their residents. Projects will be considered based on measurable impact objectives, including affordability, sustainability, inclusion & equity, and livability. We believe that real estate must be constructed intentionally to support both the neighborhood residents and the communities they reside in. The work we do will aim to support local economies, create jobs for residents, and build community wealth.

The Real Estate Team

Backed by decades of experience in community and economic development finance, Lafayette Square’s real estate team believes every development is an opportunity to drive impact. We are more than just seasoned investors and experienced financial engineers; we are a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds passionate about impact and the communities in which we live.