Lafayette Square Foundation Appoints Susannah Vickers as Executive Director


Lafayette Square’s renewables division makes positive environmental and economic impact in local communities by deploying capital to develop renewable energy projects and catalyze clean energy efforts across America.

Lafayette Square seeks to be an integral part of the places where we invest in clean energy projects by providing increased access to renewable energy, jobs, and energy cost savings. We work with local stakeholders to bring clean energy benefits to underserved communities and those disproportionately impacted by climate change, environmental degradation, and job displacement due to energy transitions.

Our renewables division will focus initially on catalyzing community solar development across America. Community solar brings energy cost savings to communities, particularly low-to-moderate income customers who have not had access to the benefits of solar energy while renting or living in multitenant buildings.

We Care About Small Business Ownership

LS Credit takes a non-dilutive approach to credit investing - keeping ownership in the hands of those who started the business and in the communities they were started in. We believe that by doing so, wealth can be generated for the people, not just the corporations.


Low-income communities often face disproportionately high energy costs and lack access to renewable energy. Lafayette Square’s investments will focus on projects and programs that help address this inequity. Our goal is to increase access to affordable modern energy services through clean, local, renewable energy.


Lafayette Square empowers communities to achieve environmental, social, and economic growth through the construction of local, clean, and affordable renewable energy. Our projects will not only promote sustainability, but also provide stable lease and property tax payments to local landowners and towns, putting capital back into the community.

Meet The Team

Lafayette Square’s growing renewables team is led by finance professionals who have dedicated their careers to sustainable energy and solar. We are more than just seasoned investors and experienced financial engineers; we are a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds passionate about impact and the communities in which we live.


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