Lafayette Square Foundation Appoints Susannah Vickers as Executive Director

Chris Shakal

Managing Director, Finance

Christopher Shakal is Managing Director of Finance at Lafayette Square. Christopher has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, with a proficiency in building, innovating and managing operational infrastructures. Prior to joining Lafayette, Christopher served as Chief Financial Officer of TPRV Capital, as well as the Chief Compliance Officer in the early stages of the firm's operations.

Previously, Christopher has served a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for several credit and multi-strategy asset management businesses. He spent several years in the product control group at Deutsche Bank. Christopher began his career as an auditor with KPMG.

Christopher is a member of and has served on the Finance committee of the SYMA association, which focuses on the betterment of the lives and educational standards of the Syrian and Lebanese community.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Christopher holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Pace University with a concentration in Public Accounting. He is a New York State Certified Public Accountant.