Private Capital Veteran Renée Beaumont Joins Lafayette Square as Chief Operating Officer

Rey Ramsey

Managing Director

Rey Ramsey is a Managing Director at Lafayette Square. He also serves as founder & CEO of Centri Tech. He has devoted his career to building and leading social enterprises with a particular emphasis on housing equity and expanding access to technology in low-income communities. After serving as Oregon‘s Director of Housing and Community Services, Mr. Ramsey held successive positions as President and COO of Enterprise Community Partners, Chairman of Habitat for Humanity International; and founding CEO and Chairman of One Economy Corporation, a nonprofit provider of internet services to low-income homes.

Additionally, he served as President and CEO, of TechNet, a bipartisan network of tech executives representing two million employees and $800 billion in revenues, as well as founder and CEO of Centri Capital, an impact investment organization. Mr. Ramsey has served as Chairman of the NAACP Futures Commission, and now serves as a director on numerous boards, including Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainability, MMGL Real Estate, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), and the Washington Jesuit Academy. He is interim-CEO, Trustee and member of the Investment Committee at The Nathan Cummings Foundation.