Lafayette Square Appoints Industry Veterans to Lead New Renewable Investments Strategy

Lafayette Square believes that combining capital with services creates long-term, sustainable impact in housing, jobs, and financial inclusion.

Lafayette Square seeks to enact change in the affordable housing crisis with long-term, fairly-priced capital that creates, preserves or rehabilitates sustainable housing.

Alongside our capital, we provide impactful services that advances resident health, wealth, and livelihood.

Lafayette Square seeks to change the shortage of good jobs and economic opportunity nationwide with credit funds that prioritize non-sponsored small- and medium-sized businesses over private equity-owned businesses.

To go further, we combine capital with impactful services that support small businesses and improve the lives of their employees.

Lafayette Square seeks to change the structural exclusion of diverse investors in the financial paradigm by providing anchor investments in aligned asset managers

We partner our investments with impactful services, including strategic guidance, fundraising, and integrated back-office & operational support.


At Lafayette Square, we are more than just seasoned investors. We’re family members and community partners.