Our Theory of Change

Lafayette Square believes that deploying capital and curating services will create economic opportunity for all.


Lafayette Square seeks to address the affordable housing crisis with long-term capital that creates, preserves or rehabilitates housing affordability, while providing competitive risk-adjusted returns. ​

Alongside our capital, we provide impactful services that seek to improve the lives of residents and enhance the value of properties.​


Lafayette Square seeks to address the shortage of good jobs with capital that prioritizes non-sponsored small- and medium-sized businesses.​

We combine capital with impactful services that support small businesses and aim to improve the lives of their employees.​

Financial Inclusion

Lafayette Square seeks to address the lack of participation of women and people of color in the economic system with strategic assistance and programming.

We currently support aligned asset managers through business strategy review, management company budgeting and planning, and fundraising assistance.

At Lafayette Square, we are more than just seasoned investors.
We’re family members and community partners.

Our Team