We Know the needs of working-class people.

Potomac X Lafayette Square is a platform with place-based analytics that support Lafayette Square’s investments by transforming data into meaningful solutions.

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Place-Based Analytics, a tool within the Potomac product suite, is an interactive SaaS data analytics platform that provides deep insight about a place, such as demographic, economic, and social data. Understanding challenges unique to a region, state, city, or even zip code helps Lafayette Square identify investment opportunities and how to best support both the businesses and communities in those areas.

As of December 31, 2023


Number of data sets


Unique sources providing access to real-time insights and high quality data


Companies' data


Data stored in our data warehouse

Data Driven Solutions

Built to help Lafayette Square understand the communities of our portfolio companies, we leverage Place-Based Analytics to analyze key socioeconomic challenges affecting middle market businesses and employees, such as:


Low recruitment and retention of labor, particularly for frontline workers


Uneven uptake of traditional workplace benefits


Inflation and its impact on employees, particularly low-to-moderate income workers

Creating More Equitable Outcomes

Potomac X Lafayette Square is designed to help businesses identify strategic opportunities to strengthen their workforce while revitalizing local economies. Potomac X Lafayette Square supports external clients with customized place-based analytics, investment portfolio, technology consulting, and unique data platform construction.

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Our team also supports clients beyond the Lafayette Square portfolio.