Worker Solutions

We See how benefits can improve lives

Worker Solutions is Lafayette Square’s managerial assistance platform designed to connect portfolio companies with enhanced benefits to improve recruitment, retention, and productivity.


Focused on Underserved Communities

We curate solutions that address worker needs and incentivize our portfolio companies to offer them to their employees. We believe by providing our portfolio companies with four domains of assistance to manage and optimize human capital, we can positively affect employee well-being, particularly for low-and-moderate income workers, and enhance our risk-adjusted financial returns.


Incentives, including provider discounts negotiated on behalf of portfolio companies


Analytics on human capital trends and benefits utilization


Services for employees through vetted third-party solution providers


Consultation for portfolio company management teams and HR leaders

Utilizing Workforce Data

We track the progress of our portfolio companies that have adopted Worker Solutions’ recommendations and overall employee uptake of benefits and services.

As of December 31, 2023


Workers employed by our portfolio companies


Invested in Working Class Areas or are Substantial Employers of LMI people


Adoption of third-party solution providers


Workers with access to enhanced benefits

Risk Mitigation

Worker Solutions seeks to improve employee well-being by connecting workers to a curated list of third-party providers that offer nontraditional benefits focused on improving financial security, health and wellness, and education and training.

Third-Party Solution Providers

Financial & Security


Health & Wellness


Education & Training


By delivering these benefits, we aim to reduce operational risk for our portfolio companies by helping them attract and retain talent and improve job quality.

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Our team also supports clients beyond the Lafayette Square portfolio.